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Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold Porcelainย is aย non-bake clay.ย  Commonly named "homemade polymer clay".ย  Spanish speakers name it "Porcelana Fria" or "Porcelanicron".ย  It is not polymer clay, but it's very similar.ย  Most common characteristics of cold porcelain are:

  • soft and very elastic
  • translucent
  • shrink rate from 0 to 30%, depending on brand or home-base product
  • smooth finish and very hard when dry
  • dries with air
  • very hard and resistant to impact when dry
  • can be colored with pigments, powders, oleos or acrylics
  • non-toxic and eco-friendly

Cold porcelain clay is perfect for beginners and masters alike. It can be used for professionals and non-professionals.ย  Excellent for creating crafts with kids.ย  It can be used forย many different projects like sculpting, modeling, crafts, jewelry, figurines, cake toppers, picture frames, and much more.


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