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Crab Cutter
Crab Cutter

Crab Cutter

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Vanesa Seelig's cutters are 3D printed using PLA (bio-plastic).  5 pieces are included in the set.

All of our cutters work great with any clay including, cold porcelain, cookie dough, play dough, fondant and molding clay.  Two different sizes are available. 

The sizes listed for purchase are based on the longest side of the main cutter.  It can be height or length.

 Small: 4.5cm

Medium:  6.5cm

For easy release of clay, remember to coat the cutter and stamp with a small amount of mold release, cream or baby oil before cutting.

Be aware pieces made in PLA bio-plastic are not dishwasher safe.  Hand was only in lukewarm water.



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